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About this Toolkit

The first update of the toolkit brings 5 sets of Split Screens. They are divided in different sets to make it easier to use and identify the specific style that you are going for.

How does this help me?

The main factor is the time that you will save.

The main way in which this will help you is by saving you over 40 hours of production time which you could use to do work for clients or your own videos. (For example, If you charge $30 p/h the opportunity cost is $1200! so it's a no brainer if you use these kind of effects in your videos.

Inspector View of the tool
DaVinci Resolve Split Screen Effects

What the pack includes

The Split Screens Toolkit

Set 1 - 11 Double Split Screens

Set 2 - 11 Tripple Split Screens

Set 3 - 11 Quadruple Split Screens

Set 4 - 6 Animated Double Split Screens

Set 5 - 6 Animated Double Split Screens

Updates Notes

Updates notes:

  • First Split Screen relased
  • Set 1 Released (freebie)
  • Feedback and reviews from people applied.

(Fixed Bugs with certain controls, restructuring for better renders)

  • First Release of the Pro version of the Toolkit. (Jul 2022)

Split Screens Previews

How to use the Split Screens Toolkit?

In this video you can see more details about how to use this effect.

If you still have any questions, you can email me through the contact us page.

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